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Car Loan Value – What’s Your Car Really Worth

Actually, the car loan value is considered important since you can use it to the maximum amount that may be financed either on a new car or used car when you purchase. The car loan value is designed or established in order for the lender to limit the amount in financing on a depreciating asset such car.

The lender must be aware of the loan amount which extends to borrower on a particular car for the reason that a loan for an amount is written greater than a car or vehicle’s true market value increases a buyer’s likelihood to default on the loan.

Before you purchase a car through auto loan, it is wise to know first the car loan value before you search for a car of your needs or want. It is a smart idea to know the car loan value first of the car you consider to purchase either new or used. The fact that whether it is old or new, it really doesn’t matter since car is also an investment but not for life time and you also have to consider your monthly budget when you avail for a car loan.

People know that car is necessity but if you have more than 3 cars then that is another story and can be considered as luxury. As long as the car is in good condition, run smoothly and not really out model. The car values vary in different regions and by determining the value of a new auto loan, the price receipt is taken into consideration and use as proof.

The car loan is assessed on the base of the cars and model, safety records and mileage of the car. Although there are certain consideration which include the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and add- on features such as audio, alarm, air bags and others.

As borrower, you also need to know the interest rates of the auto loan you are having and the down payment needed. There are many ways of determining auto loan value, take note that car loan value is not only for used cars but can also be avail in a new car. For sure when you have your car loan, the lender requires your credit score which is mostly the key factor in the size and expense of the loan you will receive.

Most lenders which include the banks, traditional lenders require higher credit score in order to qualify your for a low cost car loan and if ever your credit score is lower, then you need to wait to have your credit score go high before you can purchase a car through car loan.

Determining the car values in used, its age and conditions:

  • Date of the receipt or invoice
  • The model and brand
  • The mileage of the vehicle
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Any strained or ripped in the interior
  • Any scratched or dented in the exterior
  • Car engine condition

Usually the loan value on a new car is equal to the car’s MSRP or dealer’s price invoice and that depends on the lender. If ever you loan requires you to a finance with an amount that is over 100% of the invoice price, then expect to face a higher interest rate or you may be required to have a down payment.

For a used car, calculating is more complicated compared to a new model since with used cars, the lender base their loan valuation on the fair book value. Usually this may result to limited total amount that can be financed on a used model. Take note that car loan value is calculated differently by each lender.

How to Qualify for Car Loans After Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13- Every bankruptcy is a very challenging situation. It causes embarrassment and financial troubles but it doesn’t mean that you cannot buy a car. Many people think that they will never get auto loans as bankruptcy ruins credit scores. Thankfully, this is not true. Post bankruptcy auto loans are a boon for borrowers who have just come out of bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy stays on your credit report for ten years and so, it has such a huge impact on car loan approval chances. It is for this reason that you must work strategically in order to get a car loan. The key is to reduce the lender’s risk. If you are successful in lowering the lender’s risk, he will easily offer you an after bankruptcy auto loan.

How to Get Car Loans after Bankruptcy?

Patience is the Key

You filed for bankruptcy because you were unable to pay-off your debts. You certainly don’t want to get a car loan with unbearable monthly payments. So, you must have patience in getting an after bankruptcy car loan.

There are many lenders who offer auto loans to people in bankruptcy. But, they often charge high interest rates. So, it is best to opt for car loans after coming out of bankruptcy. Once you have discharged bankruptcy, you get the opportunity of availing car financing at reasonable rates. You can lower your rates by waiting for two to three months. During this time, you must concentrate on increasing your credit score.

Employment and Income is Important

When the lender is ready to overlook your bankruptcy and bad credit score, he is taking a risk. If he considers your car loan application very risky, he will not offer lower interest rates. But, there is a way of reducing his risk.

If you have a stable job and regular source of income, the lender will be assured of regular monthly payments. This will help you secure a post bankruptcy auto loan without much difficulty.

Lenders also consider your income as an important factor for approving your post bankruptcy auto loans. If you are able to pay your expenses and still save, you will be able to make easy monthly car loan payments. So, lenders ask for sufficient income and a decent debt to income ratio.

Search for Lenders That Offer Car Loans After Bankruptcy

Traditional lenders and banks shy away from borrowers with post bankruptcy because they are considered a huge risk. There is no point in applying with those lenders who are going to reject your car loan application.

So, research and then choose your lenders. Apply with those lenders who are experienced in offering after bankruptcy auto loans. You can even go for online auto lenders. There are many online auto financing companies that offer affordable auto loans. They even offer auto loans after bankruptcy because they have a wide network of lenders and dealers.

Inexpensive Car

When you have a just come out of bankruptcy, you mustn’t buy a new car. A new automobile is costly and will increase your car loan amount. Instead, choose a reliable used car. Don’t forget to get it checked by your local mechanic.

Put Money Down

When you make a substantial down payment, you reduce the car loan amount and the lender’s risk. This prompts the lender to offer you lower interest rates and instant approval. So, start saving money for down payment. Usually, 10% -20% of the total cost of the car is enough. But, there is no harm in going for a higher amount.

Co-Signer Can Help You

Getting someone with a good credit score to co-sign your car loan contract reduces the lender’s risk to a considerable extent. Find someone who is ready to co-sign your after bankruptcy auto loan. A co-signer can be anyone from your parents, friends, or relatives.

All these points will definitely improve your chances of getting approval on auto loans after bankruptcy. These points will help in reducing the lender’s risk which means you will get reasonable interest rates.

A post bankruptcy car loan is a perfect way of buying a car. It will also assist you in building your credit score after bankruptcy. So, it is important that you take a well-thought decision.

All the best for an after bankruptcy auto loan!

Used Car Loans for First Time Auto Buyers – A Great Way to Begin Your Credit Journey

First impressions last forever and so, does the memory of your first car! There is nothing like owning the beauty-on-wheels. The feel of the steering wheel is exhilarating. The adrenaline rush is simply immense. So, get excited for your first car and start working towards buying an affordable car loan.

Used Car – The Best option for a Young 1st Time Auto Buyer

Used cars cost less than new cars. This means your first car loan will be affordable and within your reach. This is important for building a good credit history. You are building your career and bad credit may ruin your chances of getting low rates on your car loans or any other loans. So, it is better to start small and then, go for the kill.

You are still learning to use a car. It’s better if you practice on a used one and then, buy a car of your dreams.

Why understanding the Used Car Loan Process is so important for a 1st time Auto buyer?

Look before you leap! We have learnt this in school and it’s useful even now. You will enjoy your first car even more when you know that you have landed a great auto loan deal. And, you can only get great deal when you know the entire process of scoring a used car loan.

Without knowledge, there are chances that you will blow a couple of thousands and end up choosing a wrong car loan for your used car. You could end up damaging your credit score without even building it.

Step-by-Step Explanation for Securing a Used Car Loan

Know Yourself

By knowing yourself, I mean know your financials and your credit score.

You must know your financial situation and also understand the constraints. There is a limit of spending and it’s different for everyone. What’s yours? How much money can you spend on payments? Is buying a car the right decision?

Also, check your credit score. There are chances that few of your past transactions have altered your credit score. You must know your accurate credit score so that no lender/dealer cheats you.

Dealer or Private Party? – That’s the Question!

Used cars can be bought from a dealer or a private party. Each option has its pros and cons. You can get more options at the dealer but, you have to tolerate marketing tactics. With a private party, you get first-hand information, but you have to run for completing the paper work. So, take time to decide.

Push yourself and get ready with Paperwork

We all agree that paperwork is the necessary evil. It’s very boring and yet, it needs to be done. If you have ready documents, lenders will not have any point to delay the process of approving your used car loan.

Keep with you –
• Your ID and SSN
• Credit Score and Credit Report
• Bank Statements
• Income & Employment Proof
• Residential Details and Information related to Payment of Utility Bills
• Used Car Details, if you have already chosen a car.

Searching a Lender that offers Used Car Loans to a First Time Auto Buyer

There is a stiff competition in the auto financing world and you can benefit from it. It’s your turn to pick a lender and not the other way round. So, first of all make an online search of lenders that offer used car loans as well as first time auto buyer’s program. Also, check for no credit auto loans because most 1st time car buyers have no credit history.

Once you have a list of lenders and online auto financing companies, choose the reliable ones. Also, go for 100% secure websites only. Apply on the best ones and compare the auto loan quotes offered to you. Comparison should not only be on interest rates. You must consider loan terms, conditions, APR, penalty clause, payment schedules, etc.

Quick Tips for Getting Approval on your Used Car Loan

Start saving money for down payment because it can drastically increase your chances of approval. Also, convince someone with a good credit score to become your co-signer. Most first car loans require a co-signer. It is necessary because lenders have no way of judging your financial capacity.

That’s how you get a better deal on a used car loan. Information mentioned in this article will ensure that you start right on the path of establishing your credit history. Remember the tips because knowledge of the car financing process will set you apart from amateur car buyers.

All the best for your 1st car!